Can it go down low? Relocating the rotary switch

You can actually mount the switch anywhere, for functionality. The issue is, will you need to rout out some space in the control cavity for it?

The rotary switch is just a tad wider than a standard pot. With just about any Strat or SSS-clone I've seen, there's enough room in the middle (neck tone) position with NO modification to the control cavity. That's the easiest and most universal "fit," and how all the installation instructions are written.

The ONLY exception I am aware of is the Squier Affinity Strat, which has a thinner body than just about every other Strat or clone I've handled. The control cavity on the one I did was just a touch "shallow" - I needed to remove about 1/8" wood from the BOTTOM of the control cavity under where the switch was.

So, you want to try it in the lower (mid tone) spot? It MIGHT fit down there...

In my experience, there's usually enough room in the USA-Fenders to put it in the lower spot, and it fits in some MIM Strats, but not all - that model is too close to call.

However, I have found that on most clones (including Squiers) you will have to widen the control cavity a bit to make it fit in the lower spot. So, if you're handy with a dremil tool, you can place it wherever you like, as long as the routing work is hidden under the pickguard.

If you'd rather NOT make any sawdust, then count on putting it in the center (neck tone) position.

You can always mount it to the pickguard (without making the connections) to do a test fit, to see if it fits where you want it without any woodworking.

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