Will your switches work if my Strat has humbuckers?

Do you still have three pickups? then, in a word, yes...

But remember, the term "humbucker" applies to a lot of different pickups. From my point of view, there two major categories of humbuckers: full-sized "Gibson" style humbuckers, and single-coil-sized humbuckers. This latter category includes hot rails and stacked pickups - whether the coils are side-by-side or one on top of the other, if they are single-coil sized (no mods to a stock Strat pickguard), then they fit into this second category.

If you have any of the single-coil sized humbuckers, I recommend that you just select from my regular Strat kits, and NOT the ones designed for full-sized humbuckers. The Chromie, FAT-O, V.2, V.3, and all the Memphis Mods are what you should be considering. If you want to add coil-splits to these schemes, I suggest you use a push/pull under the tone and/or volume, and I'll be happy to draw it up for you when you purchase a rotary.

If you have a full-sized humbucker in the bridge, there are two categories for those pickups: traditional two-conductor models and modern four-conductor models.

If you have a traditional two-conductor pickup in your bridge position (the most common spot), especially one with a braided shield, you cannot just install any of my normal Strat kits (listed above). Almost all of those mods LIFT the negative (aka ground) lead of the bridge pup for the series and out of phase tones, and that is not an easy task with a pickup that has the ground conductor running the entire length of the braided-shield lead, exposed and un-insulated. But, do not despair!

If you have the two-conductor bridge humbucker, I DO have some schemes that will work for you: the FAT-HSS, the Memphis HSS, the V.4 and V.5, and the Neck-Reverse Chromacaster.

The FAT-HSS is simply a new set of instructions for the Original FAT-O. The switch is the same, but the installation is slightly different for your HSS, rather than for an SSS Strat. It is a three-throw rotary that gives you (#1) the five stock tones, (#2 ) the "magnificent seven" tones (all possible parallel combos), and (#3) takes you into "Gibson-ish" territory with a mid-series-neck pseudo front humbucker that can be played as such or combined in parallel with your bridge humbucker to simulate the middle throw of a Gibson 3-way toggle. It has its own button on the "buy it" page.

The Neck-Reverse Chromacaster, like the FAT-HSS, is the same switch as a Chromacaster but with the installation (and instructions) "reversed" from the regular Chromie, so it controls the neck pickup, instead of the bridge pickup.

The Memphis HSS is like the FAT-HSS, but on a four-notch rotary. Same first three notches, and the fourth notch adds the neck in series with the bridge combo. More fatness!

The V.4 and V.5 are also four-throw rotaries, and again feature the same first three notches, but the fourth throw on these give you some spicy out-of-phase combos.

TO ORDER a Memphis HSS, V.4, or V.5, use the "Memphis Mod" button (these are all built on the same hardware) on the "buy it" page and let me know which model you want.
To order the Neck-reverse Chromacaster, just order the regular Chromie and tell me you want the Neck-Reverse Kit instructions.

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