The FAT-O for Fatties (aka F4F) (c)
Edited 2/22/05

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Fender uses two different type 5-ways and three different wiring schemes on the various Fat Strats currently in production - and that's not counting the Squires! I like my mods to be as idiot-proof as possible... So, while the switch does the same thing and will actually be wired up the same way in all the models (except for the American Deluxe), and the installation instructions are identical in verbage, the drawings are different for the MIM models.

NOTE #2: These switches are designed SPECIFICALLY to work with Fender "Fat Strat" models, and to take advantage of the factory-installed stock pickups and 5-way pup-selector wiring. If you do NOT have an official, genuine, FENDER-built Fat Strat, CONTACT ME before you buy one of these switches.

NOTE #3: If you have modded your standard Strat or other clone by adding a FULL-SIZED humbucker in the BRIDGE spot, you MAY be able to use this switch. If you have a Squire Fat Strat, you MAY be able to use this switch. Please CONTACT ME before you buy one of these switches.

NOTE #4: If you have modded your standard Strat or clone by adding single-coil-sized humbuckers, aka: blades, rails, hot rails, "juniors," or stacked humbuckers, THIS IS NOT THE SWITCH FOR YOU. If you have a Double Fat Strat, again, THIS IS NOT THE SWITCH FOR YOU. In any case, please CONTACT ME and tell me specifically which model Strat you have, what brand and model pickups you have, and how you have modified your Strat, and we'll figure out what you need to get the tones you want out of your guitar.

What it is:

The FAT-O for Fatties (aka F4F) (c) is a four position ROTARY switch that expands the potential pickup combinations available in your Fat Strat. It also controls the coil-shunt of the bridge pup - no second switch is neccessary. The traditional Strat 5-way selector gives you only five parallel combinations, and no series connections. With the FAT-O for Fatties (c), you can get all seven posible parallel combinations, the bridge as a humbucker or in coil-shunt, and a couple of series settings for a total of ELEVEN different pickup combinations.

Notch ONE is yer Fat Strat - normal Strat tones, but with the bridge as a FULL-TIME humbucker (no coil-shunt in 5-way throw #4).

Notch TWO is normal strat tones again - same as a stock Strat, but here with yer bridge pup as a full-time SINGLE COIL (always coil-shunt).

Notch THREE Bridge pup stays single coil again, but we also rewire the neck pup to give you the "Magnificent Seven" parallel combos.

Notch FOUR utilizes your mid and neck pups in series, so they will simulate a "neck humbucker" to go with your bridge humbucker - go for the Gibson gusto!

The FAT-O for Fatties (c) does NOT replace your 5-way pickup selector switch - your 5-way still works just like it always did. The FAT-O installs where one of your old tone controls was, and works in conjunction WITH the 5-way to give you new combinations. You lose a tone control, but gain a lot of tones!


Just put your old tone knob back on the FAT-O-Caster (c) switch, and your Strat looks completely stock!

Click here for installation instructions for Lone Star, American Texas Specials, and MIM Fat Strats

Got an American Deluxe Fat Strat? These are wired differently from the get-go, and have to be treated a bit differently.
Here's the "AmDeluxe Fattie" version of the switch for you!

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