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Korg EX8000 MIDI Module

The answer to the NUMBER ONE question I am asked is:
YES! There is now a manual online! Thanks to Bryan Ressler and his excellent DW8000 page.
Another (retail) place for help with all your antique MIDI pieces, try this guy: Vintage Synth Rescue Kits

As I say, I use MIDI quite a lot, and even in this day of "authentic samples" and the General MIDI standard, one of my favorite pieces is my trusty Korg EX8000 - the rack mount version of their DW8000 keyboard. It features 8-note polyphony, built-in digital delay, 64 patch memory - state of the art in 1986! With a mini-wavetable of 16 waveforms, the VCO,VCF, VCA, and envelope generators are perfect for getting all those old analog sounds, as well as a few fairly realistic instrument sounds. And for the creation of sound effects, it reigns supreme! I like it so much I even bought the full keyboard version, too...

Here's a link to Anthony Ruggeri's website, a guy with lots of good info on this unit, including a shareware patch editor/librarian he has written for the DW8000 (works on the EX8000, too). Its PC-based GUI makes it much easier to modify existing patches or create your own patches. With it, you can load, retrieve, and save patches one at a time or a bank of 64 at a time, and load and save your own banks created out of the available patches. GOOD STUFF!  

By his kind permission, I now have his editor/librarian program available here: DW8000 Patch Editor for PC
(Be sure to download and install the upgrade, too)

NOTE: It doesn't seem to work on my computer in Windoze 98, but was very happy under Win95 or Win 3.1.
Has anybody tried it under WinXP?

NOTE #2: Here's an example of us all working together - I got this e-mail 06/09/03:

"I was looking around the net the other day and stumbled across your EX 8000 page.
I just thought that I would drop you a line to let you know that Anthony's patch editor will work under Win XP.
You have to set the "compatibility mode" for the executable to "Windows 95".

To do this, locate "DW8000.exe",
right-click on it and choose "properties."
Click on the "Compatibility" tab.
Under "Compatibility Mode" click on the check-box,
and choose "Windows 95" from the drop-down box.
Click "OK."
That's all there is to it.

Hope this helps :o)

Well! Here's a big ol' Deaf Eddie "Thank you!" to Andrew H. Stephens...

Over the years, I have communicated with DW/EX enthusiasts around the globe via a link to my e-mail on his website.
The most common request has been for patch-load data in wave audio file format, so that the data could be sent by e-mail and be utilized by any computer with a soundcard, without requiring any other interface or software. This file could played through a computer's soundcard audio-outs into the data-tape inputs on a DW/EX8000 to reload the original sounds. It could even work on a Mac! ... Gee, that sounds like a great idea... .

So, here in ".wav" file format is the data to load  BANK A and BANK B, the famous "Blue Card" patches!

(these are the sounds that came factory-installed and on a cassette with your new DW/EX8000)

Whatzit load? check out these scans:

Here's a black and white scan of an authentic "Blue Card," showing the Bank A patch names:

Here's Bank B - notice the typo in patches 22 and 23.
I'm sure they meant "Synth SITAR" and "Space GHOST" !!!
Who proof-read this, anyway?


Hey, did you ever see one of those MEX-8000 Memory Expanders from Korg?

It gave you the capability to instantly reload your keyboard's entire patch bank with one of four different banks of patches, and could be configured to work with most of the Korg synths of that time (DW/EX8000, Poly/EX800, others?). Well, I bought one, way back when (1986?). Hey, surprise! It came loaded with four new banks of patches from Korg for the DW/EX8000 from KORG! Back then,  I was using a Commodore 64 for sequencing and data dumps (I warned you I was old!), so I saved the factory-created patch banks that came with the MEX-8000 before I trashed them to save my own setups.

Remember Quark's Second Rule of Aquision: Never throw anything away.
So, there it was, 1992, and my C-64 still works! And it's lucky for you, because...

Here, in a ZIP file,  is a complete (to my knowledge) set of the "straight-from-Korg"
factory patches for the DW/EX8000

When the file is unzipped, it will create in the directory "DW8000"
a sub-directory "FACTORY" with sub-directories for:
    dw-ex-a & -b = patches from banks A and B (the famous "Blue Card" banks);
    MEX.A, B, C, D = patches from the MEX 8000 Memory Expansion module;
    PATCHES = the complete set of ALL the patches, duplicated individually in one directory;
    PATCHLST =  .lst files to load them in 64-patch banks as Korg loaded them.
    I have also created a "General MIDI" load from these patches and included it here.

Although there are many patches that are duplicated in the different banks, that's still a LOT of PATCHES!
The MEX-8000 is NOT required - you should be able to load any single patch file and send it through any generic sysex program... but if you get Anthony Ruggeri's Librarian/editor working, you can load them 64 at a time!

If you choose to download and use these files, have fun!
Remember, ALL standard disclaimers apply!

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