Burns DoubleSix - with a Chromacaster!

I just had to share an e-mail from one of my UK customers...


I am so impressed by the Chromacaster and Fatocaster switches that I've been able to fit to my Strats and am truly very grateful to you for having created them. They really have opened up a new world of sound that I never knew existed before.

I also have a MIK Burns DoubleSix (12-string). You'll note that Burns DoubleSix has three pickups, a standard Strat-style 5-way, a master volume with two tones – very Strat-like. The lower tone is a push-pull switch to switch on the neck pickup when the bridge one is selected. By the standards of your Chromacaster, this is pretty tame and I feel it needs improving. Because, as much as I love the ordinary 12 string sounds, it's got to be incredible with a Chromacaster driving it.

I've included a few pictures of the body and bridge in the event that they're of interest. The bridge is a Gotoh one, in which the first of each pair of strings feeds through from the back like a Telecaster, and the second of each pair feeds through the bridge only, toploader style.

Using the documentation that came with the Chromacaster as a guide, I made up my own installation instructions for the Burns, including illustrations. During the installation I found that, as the Chromacaster leads are cut for a Strat (which has rather more compact wiring layout), it seemed a good idea to replaced the middle pot with the Chromacaster and move the “plain” [non-push/pull] tone pot (which was to become the master tone), down to the spot occupied by the push-pull, as this would allow the Chromacaster to be that much nearer the 5-way. In any case, it would also then be in keeping with the common layout of master volume, Chromacaster, and master tone in that order, as on modded Strats.

After modification, the guitar sounds incredible. I am delighted with it all over again. It's about as full sounding and all consuming as a church organ. Doesn't leave much audio space for other instruments! And yet again, I love the tones. They're terrific. So, many thanks for having created such a comprehensive switch.

Over the recent months that we have been in contact and from studying many of the re-wiring diagrams and notes on your website, I have learned a lot about guitar wiring and as a result, have learned the art of soldering (though not to your standard I regret, as pictures will probably show) both of which have given me great pleasure and the confidence to undertake all of the mods on my Fenders, and now especially the Burns. I wouldn't have attempted this work on my prized guitars and would have been unnerved at the prospect of opening them, exploring an unknown Burns wiring system, re-organising it, re-wiring (with pickups having three wires instead of two) and installing a Chromacaster, let alone routing out the body of my Squire Bullet and Telecaster to accommodate new switches. So for the unbelievable improvement these mods have made over the standard five tones on my guitars, I am truly very grateful to you. Very many thanks.

Kind regards,

Sez I, "Wow!"

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