The Chromacaster and FAT-O-Caster!

Yes, this is the place to buy the kits I have developed for the discriminating Strat hot-rodder.
The kits include a pre-wired switch and a link to a PDF file (for viewing or download) with instructions and drawings.
Even the novice hot-rodder can succeed with one of these easy-to-install upgrades.
Take yer Strat from mild to wild!



Here's the lastest and most unusual testimonial so far - Rex installed a Chromie in his Burns DoubleSix!
Yes, it's a new day: the Chromacaster - not just for Strats anymore!

I now have a famous customer - Peter Stroud, the guitarist with Sheryl Crow!
He also writes a column for Premier Guitar Magazine,
and wrote a nice little blurb on the Chromie in his column of December '06.
Click HERE for that webpage/column in PDF file format.

Here a link to the review that was written up in All Things Strat by Mark Wong: "The Fat-O-Caster Switch"

Here's another testimonial from long-time FAT-O user Sean with The Detonators (follow that link to his band).
BTW, Sean proposed the idea that became the Jersey Mod...

"For the past several years I have used your switches in the guitars I gig with,
and now a Strat feels weird to me without a FAT-O in it!
I have a couple of others that I put blender pots in,
but I like the Fat-O-Caster switch way better...

Here's an easy answer to a couple of common questions...
It's a quote from recent e-mail I got from a FAT-O owner:

"I got my Fatocaster & installed it in my American Standard Strat "project guitar."
It works great with the 57/62 Strat pickups in neck & middle & Fralin Steel Pole 43 in the bridge.
Hard to believe Fender has not made this
[the FAT-O] standard equipment!
Tone combos are more useable than those with Fender's S-1 switching on my American Deluxe.
Installation of the switch was pretty "idiotproof" thanks to your excellent directions & drawings.
Sounds are everything I wanted. Totally satisfied!


Wanna hear some of the tones?
CLICK HERE for a page of sound samples

Some unsolicited youtube demos:

Squier with Tex-Mex pups and a Memphis Mods M-3 Jersey Mod...

AmStd with a set of Klein '61s and an Original Fat-O-Caster...

Tokai Strat with Texas Specials and Fat-O V.2 - the very British "how to"...

Demo of (above) guitar...


Confused about which kit is which?

CLICK HERE for a page with tone charts for the Chromacaster,
FAT-O-Caster, the V.2 and the V.3

CLICK HERE for a page with tone charts for the Memphis Mods

NEW! For H-S-S guys! Got a Fat Strat, with a full-sized humbucker in the bridge?
Check out the FAT-O schemes for your for Fat Strat!


The two most common questions:
What if I don't have stock Fender pickups in my Strat?

Do I have to replace the neck tone control, or can I replace the mid tone control?


How can YOU get one?
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