The Chromacaster and FAT-O-Caster!

Yes, this is the place to buy the kits I have developed for the discriminating Strat hot-rodder.
The kits include a pre-wired switch and printed instruction booklet, with text and drawings.
Even the novice hot-rodder can succeed with one of these easy-to-install upgrades.
Take yer Strat from mild to wild!


These kits replace the middle tone control with a rotary switch (you wire the lower tone as a master).
ALL of the kits allow you to get all seven possible parallel pickup combos,
as well as some series combos for humbucker-ish tones.
Some of the kits also feature out of phase (series and parallel) combos,
to help your Strat "sit in the mix" without making it muddy...

The Chromacaster


Confused about which kit is which?

CLICK HERE for a page with tone charts for the Chromacaster,
FAT-O-Caster, the V.2 and the V.3

CLICK HERE for a page with tone charts for the Memphis Mods

AND, for H-S-S guys! Got a Fat Strat, with a full-sized humbucker in the bridge?
Check out the FAT-O schemes for your for Fat Strat!


The three most common questions:

What if I don't have stock Fender pickups in my Strat?

Do I have to replace the neck's (middle knob) tone control,
or can I replace the mid pickup's (lower knob) tone control?

My Strat has a full-size humbucker in the bridge...
Is there a Fat-O-Caster kit that works for my HSS Strat?


How can YOU get one?
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